Law and Grace

This is just a 10,000 foot view on the subject but in our youth group lately there have been some questions on the law, and how it pertains to us. It was brought up in a recent conversation on controversial topics of the bible, and one that defines a large… Read more »


Here at True Vine we have a youth group that meets every other Wednesday. The group has been in place several years but only recently adopted the name BLAZE. Several names were looked at, but the meaning behind Blaze is what led us to choose it for the groups name…. Read more »

Life’s Important Question

There has been a question asked in churches for generations, its often labeled as “life’s most important question”. This question has been asked in sermons, in invitations, in witnessing, in tracts, and in any other situation where someone has tried to present the gospel. The question is, do you know… Read more »

Persecution of Christ

Before Paul was Paul, he went by the name of Saul. God made such a radical transformation in his life and in his identity that he changed his name. If you don’t know the story of Saul he was an evil man, trying to do good in the name of… Read more »

A Solid Foundation

Since early March our youth group, Blaze, has been studying the life of Jesus. We’ve covered his birth, his earthly parents hiding him in Egypt, his teachings as a young child, his baptism, his temptations, the beginnings of his ministry and calling disciples, and we’ve spent the last couple months… Read more »

Forbidden Fruits

Have you ever been through a garden at the peak of bloom? All the smells and colors can just leave you in a sense of amazement. Or for me I love to walk to the end of a pier at the beach, uhhh I mean coast (sorry corny baptist joke),… Read more »

Bible For Prayer

The services at True Vine Baptist Church lately have been on prayer, here is a list of verses that was provided by Bro. Walter Terrell on different areas of prayer. Prayer Promises from Scripture Psalm 3:4 Psalm 18:6 Psalm 28:6 Psalm 34:15 Psalm 145:18 Isaiah 55:6 Isaiah 65:24 Jeremiah 33:3… Read more »

Dare To Be A Daniel

Daniel 1:1-21 Intro: If there was ever a young Godly person in the Bible it would be the one on whom I am preaching about! His name is Daniel. This young man obtained power and preeminence which means that he was a young man who surpassed others and was a… Read more »

Dealing With The Days Of Distress

I Samuel 30:1-6 Intro: We find David was leading his men to Ziklag but when they arrived they found the city was burnt down, their wives, daughters, and sons had all been kidnapped and so David and all that was with him began to cry out and weep over what… Read more »