Since early March our youth group, Blaze, has been studying the life of Jesus. We’ve covered his birth, his earthly parents hiding him in Egypt, his teachings as a young child, his baptism, his temptations, the beginnings of his ministry and calling disciples, and we’ve spent the last couple months diving into his sermon on the mount. Many times its easy to read through something and miss its meaning, or an example that can be learned from the passage so we’ve taken it slow and recapping to make sure we get a full picture of our savior while he was here on earth.

The sermon on the mount includes many great examples for our life. It teaches us who are blessed, it teaches us to be the salt of the earth, and a light to the world. Jesus explains that he came to fulfill the law and not destroy it, and that hating someone makes us just as guilty as if we had committed murder. Adultery is committed even when you lust, and its not just a physical act. Our answers to things should be we will or won’t do something and that we should not swear by anything that is God’s. We should turn the other cheek and love our enemies. Our giving, praying, and fasting should be done in secret and not for an open show, we shouldn’t be concerned with building a life here, but rather in heaven, and that worrying is pointless because God takes care of his children. We have no right to judge others with sin in our own life, we should treat others the way we want to be treated, and sadly there are those out there claiming to be for God but are doing nothing more than hurting people with their teachings and manipulation.

All these are amazingly simple teachings that Jesus laid out for us, but he closed out the sermon with a parable to really put the teachings in perspective. Jesus compared applying his teaching in our life to a foundation. A wise man will take the teachings of the bible and make them the solid foundation of his life, so when storms and temptations of life comes our way we will have that solid foundation to keep us from being blown down and washed away. A foolish man however will ignore the teachings of Jesus and the bible and will build his life upon the sand. Its not solid its not stable, and when storms and trials come he is sure to fall.

So as we taught the youth, take Jesus at his word and let his teachings be the solid foundation of your life.

Matthew 5-7


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