Here at True Vine we have a youth group that meets every other Wednesday. The group has been in place several years but only recently adopted the name BLAZE. Several names were looked at, but the meaning behind Blaze is what led us to choose it for the groups name…. Read more »

A Solid Foundation

Since early March our youth group, Blaze, has been studying the life of Jesus. We’ve covered his birth, his earthly parents hiding him in Egypt, his teachings as a young child, his baptism, his temptations, the beginnings of his ministry and calling disciples, and we’ve spent the last couple months… Read more »

Dare To Be A Daniel

Daniel 1:1-21 Intro: If there was ever a young Godly person in the Bible it would be the one on whom I am preaching about! His name is Daniel. This young man obtained power and preeminence which means that he was a young man who surpassed others and was a… Read more »