Daniel 1:1-21

Intro: If there was ever a young Godly person in the Bible it would be the one on whom I am preaching about! His name is Daniel. This young man obtained power and preeminence which means that he was a young man who surpassed others and was a distinguished young man. Was he better than any other teenager? No, but he was a teenager who loved the lord and sold out to God! And so I want to look at his secret at being a successful young person and I would like to place a dare to every one here especially the young person. We often speak of young people being dare devils and so I dare you to be a Daniel. I will preach on that subject “Dare To Be A Daniel”.


There are a few things to look at in the life of young Daniel that can help us all tonight but the question is will you take me up on that dare? Bible scholars say that Daniel was probably between the age of 15-18 when chapter one was written because it often referred to him and the other boys as being children. But as we look into the life of young Daniel we notice that as a teenager…


Daniel 1:8- Daniel purposed in his heart- Which meant that he set a goal, he had a determination within his heart. Here is a young man In a strange land who was faced with problems and challenge`s to violate God’s law by eating the kings food but despite him being a young person and the obvious pressures to conform, the Bible said that Daniel purposed in his heart to uphold the law of god no matter the cost he did not care whether it would cost him his friends, family or any other thing he was going to obey God as a young person.

And because of his willingness to obey God and put God first in verse 9 of chapter 1 we see God granted Daniel favor in the sight of others! What is this saying to us? It is saying that;

Every born again child of God whether you are young or old needs to be a person of purpose!

No one respects a wishy-washy type person who is up one day and down the next, in & out and no sense of direction in life. But when a young person or older person is a person of purpose that brings about a respect like you have never seen. The way to gain respect is to earn it not take it. I respect the teenager who has purpose more so than one who does not! As born again believers we should have the kind of purpose Jesus speaks of in Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

No matter how old or young you are it is never too early to seek the kingdom of God, putting Him first in our lives. We should seek the will of God for our lives and fulfill it no matter what may come our way. And as Jesus promised this will guarantee Gods favor toward us and gain us favor in the eyes of those around us. If you would purpose to put God first in your life He will take you as a young person to great heights that you can`t even begin to imagine! So I dare you to be a Daniel and have a purpose as he did! Not only was Daniel a young man of purpose but also;


How do we know he had principle?  Because in verse 8

He refused to compromise his convictions- He showed this by refusing the kings food and even when he got older in Daniel 5:13-17 we see he refused the gifts from Belshazzar and even when he was under the threat of persecution in chapter six he refused to obey the decree of Darius I tell you he was a young man who had standards and convictions, character, morals, and ethics! Sure they may have ridiculed him outwardly but deep down inside they wished they had what he had! In the society we live in today we are in great need of people especially young people who have principle about them! We need some young people who can lead by example who they the selves are lead by principle.

I see a lot of young people who do not have character but boy they sure are characters! Pants hanging to their knees, girls and guys alike! Some girls wear pants so tight if they had a quarter in their back pocket you can tell which side it is on!  Got earrings all over their body they can set metal detectors off at the airport the list goes on and on in the way some young people dress today! Young girls wearing hiked up shorts that leave nothing to the imagination young boys prancing around like a bunch of sissies all limp handed and the music some listen to, rap music that makes act like something out of the jungle, country music with lyrics that talk about getting drunk and having a good time at the dance hall or barn yard and some of you would not dare let your parents know that you do or listen to this stuff but you will plaster it all over face book! And some parents are the same way, they  hold a position in the church but would not dare let the church know that they listen to stuff that would bring a bad testimony upon them and the church but yet they will post it on face book and post pictures of yourself half naked on face book. And it`s no wonder we are not seeing revival! AMEN & HOT DOG!!!

It would do some of you parents good to get your childs face book page and see what they are posting and what kind of stuff they like!   But we need older people and younger people to become people of principle! So I double dog dare you to be a Daniel especially if you claim to be saved by His Grace!!! But having purpose and principle was not all Daniel had;


Daniel 6:1-4

Daniels opponents could not find any fault in him whatsoever! He was faultless when it came to the management of business affairs and this would explain his rise to power and of course his purity was related to his purpose to please God and put God first and the fact that he was a young man of principle showed that he could be trusted! Can you as a young person be trusted when it comes to purity?  Do you know that teen pregnancy is at an all time high? Many young girls have ruined and wrecked their lives because of the scum bag they were dating used this “if you loved me you would let me.”

Many murders have taking place because of that one issue. You may say you shouldn’t be talking about staying pure from behind the pulpit; well somebody better AMEN! That`s why teen pregnancy is at an all time high right now! It`s been documented that America has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in comparison to countries like Canada, France, Sweden. In the year 2000 there was an estimated 821,810 teen pregnancies recorded in the U.S. That`s 84 per 1000 couple. With age groups ranging from 15-19 yrs of age. (Pregnancy info.net)

Teen mothers are likely not to finish high school and as many 80% will end up on welfare! It has also been found that sons of teen moms are more likely to end up in prison while daughters are more likely to end up pregnant as a teen themselves! So we better start saying something about it. I have seen young people even in church begin to date and I have been to churches where they are 15-19 years old all standing outside hugged up and rubbing and bumping against each other and that is not a good testimony for those who claimed to be saved or anyone else even the church! Because when they engage in that it causes friction and friction causes heat! If you don`t believe me rub your hands together! Friends I tell you this because I love you we need to become a people of purity and if that guy or girl you are dating doesn`t want to wait until marriage then get rid of them!!! You better be careful who you date and how you rub and hold each other because as a young person you may let it get out of control and that will get you into trouble! So I dare you to be a Daniel of purity!

Daniel was definitely a young man of purpose, a young man of principle and a young man of purity and how we need more young people like him. But what likely tied all of these thing together in young Daniels life was the fact that;


It`s amazing to me that I was studying this that I found he was a young man who believed in the power of prayer! Look in Daniel 6:10

Here we see a glimpse of his prayer life! He knelt in prayer which demonstrated his humility. He was not too proud and neither should you be! Rebellion is at an all time high because of pride.

He prayed three times a day which demonstrated his continual dependence upon God! This is how you become a successful young person is depending upon God to help you!

He gave thanks in the midst of persecution which demonstrated his gratitude towards God and the fact that he had not lost sight of God`s blessings! As a young person if you live for God and stay pure you too may be persecuted. Like the girl that was being persecuted at school for being a virgin and she told those floozies she could become what they are any day of her life but they can never again be what she is now.

She stayed true to her principle and you should as well. And the best way to remain a person or to become a young person of purpose, principle, purity is to first get saved if you are not but then become a young person of prayer! That will help will is when you cry out to God for help! God will hear your prayers if only you will pray. One of the greatest Revivals began because one young girl began to pray! So I dare you to be a Daniel of prayer!

Conclusion: Today, there are false consumptions in this world not only to young people but everybody that in order to get ahead we must conform to the sinful habits and practices of the world. But what did Paul say in Romans 12:1-2 “I beseech you therefore brethren…”

Young person you can be the greatest success in your family, among your friends, even at church and your country if you would dare to be a Daniel! So go ahead and be one I dare you!!!

By: Walter Terrell

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