The Man

Rawley L. Haynes Jr. was born on January 27, 1951. He was married to Debbie Bowman on February 3, 1979. They have two children; David and his wife Shannon, and Michelle Moser. They have eight grand children (which are totally awesome). On April 14, 1979 Rawley was born again and on April 26, 1981 he was called to preach.

The Ministry

Brother Haynes attended Southside Baptist Church for twelve years under the leadership of Pastor Gene Puckett. He was faithful to his church, teaching Sunday School, visitation, preaching and whatever he was asked to do. The Lord called him to pastor True Vine Baptist Church on February 10, 1991. The Lord has been most gracious to us over these years. Our pastor is faithful to preach the Word of God. He is faithful in all areas of our church ministries. He has the burden to see our church grow through visitation and alter calls in our church services. He uses wisdom to help those that the Lord lays on his heart and teaches our church the joys of giving unto the Lord. Our prayer for this ministry: The saint to be strengthened, the sinner to be saved and that God will always be glorified!