Bible For Prayer

The services at True Vine Baptist Church lately have been on prayer, here is a list of verses that was provided by Bro. Walter Terrell on different areas of prayer. Prayer Promises from Scripture Psalm 3:4 Psalm 18:6 Psalm 28:6 Psalm 34:15 Psalm 145:18 Isaiah 55:6 Isaiah 65:24 Jeremiah 33:3 Matthew 21:22 John 14:13 Hebrews… Read more »

Dealing With The Days Of Distress

I Samuel 30:1-6 Intro: We find David was leading his men to Ziklag but when they arrived they found the city was burnt down, their wives, daughters, and sons had all been kidnapped and so David and all that was with him began to cry out and weep over what had been done. They were… Read more »